We have developed such powerful Career Portal while keeping in mind the importance of the financial aspect in the decision making of Employers to make an investment in such a crucial tool.

Accordingly, our Career Portal Hosting service costs only 560 USD/year inclusive of the following:

  • Basic configuration of the Career Portal theme for your specific company (e.g. content, logo, branding colors, etc.)
  • Configuration of the Career Portal’s operating process
  • Maintenance, upgrades and support throughout the agreed duration of service
  • Training of your Recruitment team on using the Career Portal
  • Hosting your Career Portal on our servers with unlimited space
  • Unlimited number of users

Occasionally, Employers may have additional requirements outside of our “out of the box“ product that will need specific customization to the portal and as such will require an assessment of the additional fees such service will cost. Below are examples of such situations where this applies:

  • Designing a different theme for your specific company
  • Customizations to the Career Portal’s operating process
  • Purchasing a new domain for your Career Portal (e.g. www.companyname.careers, etc.)
  • Hosting additional services on our servers (e.g. emails, complete company website, etc.)